Who I am

I believe in using service design to deliver social justice. To aid me in this extremely challenging task I am...

  • A really enthusiastic individual who strives for excellence
  • A team member able to resolve tension and build harmonious relationships
  • A thinker with a high degree of intellectual curiosity
  • An innovator who is adventurous with the courage to think differently
  • An idealist who can energise people to exceed their expectations

How I got here

It was whilst studying for my BA in Drama at the University of Exeter that I became watchful of the dominant narratives and began to question the assumptions underlying the prevailing discourse. It became clear that to expose the discourse, the hidden assumptions underpinning it need to be made explicit. Whilst drama can bring oppression to light by disturbing people’s convictions, it does not necessarily develop counter narratives that lead to real change. I was looking for a profession and practice that met this need. It was then I discovered ethnographic research and service design. I am now using these tools to achieve social change.


My work philosophy

As a service designer I strive to keep both a holistic and granular view; to work both bottom up and top down; to move between the concrete world and the abstract world; to imagine solutions at the same time as challenging my own assumptions; and to seek simplicity in a maze of complexity. Where appropriate I also co-create and co-produce with staff and users as I believe co-production is able to build resilience and improve outcomes.