This project involved mapping and evaluating processes, systems and structures to see where Dexters was on track to meet its aspirations for excellent customer service and where more work was needed. 










It has been very valuable to gain an insight into other team members’ job roles. I wasn’t aware how complicated the whole process was and how all the different job roles fit together to make everything run smoothly.
— Sarah, Dexters employee


The research

Dexters estate agency sets out to achieve 100% client retention and 100% client satisfaction. The project involved mapping business processes to see where Dexters is on track to meet its aspirations for excellent customer service and where more work needs to be done to make sure they are met. To achieve this four workshops were undertaken in which staff mapped the process from the moment when Dexters are first instructed until the moment the process ends or starts again. In each workshop, the overall journey was mapped as experienced by staff involved in each of the four stages. Staff mapped every activity and decision taken by a member of staff or customer. They identified the touch points at every point of the journey. At the end of each workshop staff reflected on which parts of the journey are working well and which parts would benefit from review.

Matching hosts and lodgers

The outcome

The outcome of the mapping exercise is a blueprint of the service provided by Dexters as seen through the eyes of staff. The blueprint maps out the different actions and decisions taken by customers and members of staff and the different touchpoints used to communicate. The map was presented back with both forensic feedback on individual processes and on more strategic implications for structures and leadership.

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Client: Dexters estate agency
Project date: August - September 2016
Solo project