Kings College

This project involved ethnographic research to see how Kings College could increase support for parents and for students with special educational needs and disabilities.



The research

 I led some ethnographic research for King’s College to find out about the lived experiences of students with special educational needs and disabilities and their parents. I was commissioned by the school SENCO to identify strategies that would enhance students’ achievement and resilience. I created a questionnaire to gain an understanding of the parents’ and young people’s lives. The focus was on student and parent challenges, support offered, and parental engagement with the school. The challenges to address were:

  • How to make lessons more understandable, with more practical activities;
  • How to stop students getting frustrated when they can’t understand the work;
  • How to provide more specific positive feedback


The solutions

A workshop with student staff and parents used storyboarding to identify possible solutions. These included:

  • More opportunities for parents to see students’ work;
  • The teaching of resilience skills to children;
  • Helping students use positive self talk.


The outcome

As a result of this research the school has introduced a number of strategies to increase the amount of positive feedback and reduce its use of alternative provision.


Client: King's College
Project date: 2014 November - 2015 January
Solo project